I did personally post about the boycott and articles – as did many of our leadership team, Board and staff – I made mine a clear call for a joining the boycott and made it public and shareable, which I normally don’t do – and I would say the response has been (as responses to social media almost always are) positive and in agreement, some amount of sharing the info and really good discussion and sharing of the information. While that seems small, I think more awareness can only be good (see below, last section)  

The theater itself hasn’t posted a statement about the CTC or had anything to withdraw – the theater has never sponsored or sent support to the CTC so I don’t know that it feels like we have any power to withdraw anything there – similarly, as our art form has little overlap and feels like it’s on a different tier than the CTC, it’s not like we’ve ever had a professional connection to sever. 

I would prefer to mobilize people, which I think is best done by people – which is why I have joined in calls to boycott from my personal platforms more topics than this one 

It feels similar to the posts I made about Acme and Louis CK – HUGE Theater has never purchased a ticket to ACME and doesn’t have business with them to take elsewhere, Butch Roy the person can make it clear that I’m not going to be giving them any dollars – and people joining the boycott has proven to be the thing that has gotten a response.

To the Facebook post calling out institutions – I just think he’s just off the mark in some ways. 

I had no idea he had posted anything prior to you sending me the link. 

I bet he’s never seen my Facebook posts, so it’s hard to gauge how vocal anyone has been, especially on Facebook – so that’s one issue.

As for the leadership of CTC still being in place because theaters don’t speak up, it’s not like we hire and fire one another – so saying that other theaters not speaking out is why he knew the leadership there isn’t going to change…that’s just plain old incorrect. Sorry, that’s just over simplified and incorrect. 

I agree that CTC leadership really went wrong, and then really doubled down wrong and has show a lot of tone deafness as well – they should seriously look at who should be out and who should remain but you’d have a hard time convincing me that an outcry among theater leaders is the reason they’re still place or that it would be the thing that unseated them – I think people that they answer to need to speak out in the manner that they will feel compelled to answer. 

I wish the question was “what are you doing to combat abuse and keep people safe?” because the honest answer to that is “A lot” from a lot of people. 

But the question here seems to be “what are you doing to combat abuse at CTC?” and the answer is “I’m sorry, I have no power or ability to clean their house”

As to the general sense that that’ve never really suffered or accounted for what happened there – I would have to agree with that but I haven’t the first clue how I would make it right, if anything could ever come close – the person that should pay won’t be forced to and justice just has not been done there.

CTC could use their considerable reach to raise funds and awareness FOR the victims, make the terrible lessons learned central to their history instead of the dark chapter, to make sure it never happens again by being vocal teachers and champions – they could choose to use these lessons that came at a terrible cost wisely instead of trying to just move on and leave it behind, which does worse than no good, it continues to do harm. 

Butch Roy