Note – some of these articles include graphic descriptions of sexual abuse and trauma that some people may find triggering.

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Background/Historical Context

1991 Star Tribune 2-part Investigative Series

An in-depth overview, covering the history of CTC, the School,

and the culture that allowed the abuse to occur,

with emphasis on John Clark Donahue.

October 31, 2019, Minnesota Public Radio

CTC settles with the remaining litigants.

October 9, 2019 City Pages

In depth article covering the abuse, current lawsuits and current protests of Children’s Theater Company.

Minnesota Public Radio Report
Marianne Combs interviewed over two dozen survivors, former employees, parents of students, and people involved in the original litigation for a multi-part series.
The first two articles (“A Culture of Abuse“) includes an interactive timeline of events.
The third (“Rumors, Alarms Got Nowhere“) delves into the question of who knew and who didn’t, and the defense CTC used and claimed in the Laura Stearns case.
The fourth (“From inside and outside CTC, friends gather to support abuse survivors“) documents this website and the growing movement of artists speaking out in support of survivors.
The fifth (“Reconciliation, accountability stressed as Children’s Theater suits settled“) includes statements from survivors as CTC announces the settlement of all lawsuits, along with a $500,000 seed fund for victims of abuse.
The sixth (“Survivor’s story of CTC abuse includes sex trafficking, child porn“) reveals more than was previously publicized about the extent and seriousness of the crimes.
The seventh (“Could it happen again?“) examines the conditions that made the abuse possible, that still exist, and what might need to change.
Mpls/St Paul Magazine Article

Overview of the current lawsuit(s) involving Jason McLean

AM 950 Radio Podcast: Connections with Laurie Fitz

Interview with plaintiffs Laura Stearns and Jina Penn Tracey,

describes abuses and current responses from CTC management, as well as resources for victims.

Current Lawsuits

City Pages, November 7, 2019

Article about Jason McLean’s attempts to flip his Mexican villa.

Minnesota Public Radio October 24, 2019

Jason McLean’s return to the US, and Laure Stearn’s reaction.

Minneapolis Star Tribune October 24, 2019

Jason McLean, former Children’s Theater teacher accused of child sex abuse, returns to U.S.

SFGate October 23, 2019

Jason McLean returns to US, plans to reopen Oakland bar in California after firing all employees.

MPR News September 3, 2019

Describing the seventh settlement, including a statement from the survivor expressing disappointment.

MPR News August 14, 2019

Describing the settlement of six cases out of the courtroom.

Star Tribune July 12, 2019 
Describing upcoming protest of Travelers Insurance.
MPR News May 28, 2019

Describing the outcome of the first of 17 civil suits against CTC ,

and the aftermath of CTC filing for taxation of costs, asking the Plaintiff to cover $295,000 in legal fees.

The Legal Examiner May 28, 2019
Legal perspective and explanation of the courtroom proceedings and
CTC’s aggressive legal stance against the survivor,
written by an attorney who attended.

Community Responses/Call to Action

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Background on why Laura Stearns, one of the plaintiffs, calls for a boycott.

Coverage of recent protests of CTC management.

MPR NewsCut Blog May 28, 2019