New Developments

As of December 30, 2020, the nonprofit organization CTA Wellness has been launched in order to support the wellbeing of students, alumni, and child actors of Children’s Theatre Company during the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.  Learn more at the CTA website, and in this blog post from Laura Stearns.

More About Standing With CTC Survivors

Since creating this statement, video and website in early Summer 2019, we have heard from many survivors of CTC abuse and current litigants expressing deep gratitude for the support and solidarity.

This website and the solidarity it represents are intensely important and valuable in the process of healing.

Although CTC has settled many of the lawsuits out of court, there are several still pending court dates. We are asking CTC to adopt a humane legal strategy in its treatment of survivors going forward.

We are growing this website and working to continue to tell this story, and to let the Board and Leadership of CTC know that we are closely watching how they are treating survivors.

If you would like to help, please visit our Get Involved page.

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If you need help or are in crisis, please visit our resources page.

We speak on our own behalf as teachers, artists

and those who have been employed by Children’s Theatre Company (CTC).

This statement does not represent an official stance of CTC.

We are theatre artists, educators, and staff at CTC who stand in solidarity with people who have experienced sexual abuse. We are responding to CTC’s recent actions and public communication regarding current lawsuits brought forward by survivors of sexual abuse perpetrated by CTC staff in the 70s and 80s. Although CTC has enacted youth safety policies and protections since then and acknowledged past abuse, we believe that deeper healing within the community and justice for survivors is imperative.

We honor and grieve the memory of sexual assault victims who have died and are humbled by the strength, courage, and perseverance of those who have survived. We acknowledge that all of us who work at CTC have profited from an organizational culture of silence around sexual abuse, and that complicity in this silence is a form of ongoing violence. We can no longer distance ourselves from CTC’s history without meaningful collective action toward justice.

As artists and teachers, it is our job to imagine and create the world we want to live in and to empower the children of our community to do the same. We believe healing transformation is possible, and that it will begin when we prioritize communal well-being over institutional stability.

We imagine a culture where organizational leadership listens, responds to, and trusts the needs and concerns of the communities they pledge to serve. This is a culture we don’t consistently observe in the actions of current CTC leadership.

We value leadership that honors feedback and grievances as guidance for community growth without deflecting criticism or negating peoples’ experiences to preserve reputation.

We value leadership that takes transparent action in the service of their community at any cost, regardless of legal counsel or financial pressure.

We value leadership that entrusts decision-making power and resources to those most affected by oppression and violence, ceding institutional agendas in service of transformation.

A theater’s purpose is to serve its community. If CTC does not align with our community’s values, it no longer serves its purpose. In this spirit, we call for the following actions:

  • Publicly acknowledge the institution’s historical role in perpetuating a culture of sexual exploitation as well as the present harm caused by failure to meaningfully redress the harms of the past
  • Reorient the legal strategy to prioritize compassionate and humane treatment of survivors
  • Host a community town hall with attendance of CTC’s leadership and all members of the Board of Directors
  • Pledge to answer community members’ questions and concerns and to remain in communication and consultation with the community going forward
  • Create a fund administered by an independent party to compensate all survivors, whether or not they have met deadlines for filing for damages under the law

To move forward with integrity will require being vulnerable and taking risks. Transformative justice extends beyond a few direct actions; it demands an ongoing dedication to radical cultural and social growth. To CTC’s leadership and board, we ask: How are you willing to grow?



Teaching Artists and Education Staff

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Agustin, Sandra J.
Anonymous and Proud
Asp, Maria
Bennett, Genevieve
Bernstein, Rachel Austin
Brauer, Blake
Carreras, Adlyn
Coate, Paul
de Cordova, Paul
Dehmlow, Laurie
Eisenberg, Jay Owen
Erickson, Bre’Elle
Fiskradatz, Aaron
Fresco, Dylan
Gorman-Baer, Johanna
Grandison, Brian
Griffith, Chris
Hammond, Cat
Hart, Marya
Healey, Julie Smith
Hegge, Laurie Flanigan
Henderson, Tessa Flynn
Hill, Laura
Hubbell, Megan Kelly
Jenson, Matt
Karen Hagen
Khazem, Taous
Koerner, Michael
Krohn, Abbie
Kunz, James
Menge, C. Michael
Mickle, Andi
Morrow, Peter
Nair, Nancy
Oberhardt, Stephen
Phillips, Derek
Pierce, Nell
Samples, Lindsey
Scott, Jen
Thavis, Rebecca
Wheeler, Andrew Erskine
Williams, Ed Jr.
Zappa, Chris
Zimmer, Emily

Artists & Allies

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Bailey, E.G.
Cage, Sha
Epp, Steven
Ford, Ashawnti Sakina
Kuftinec, Sonja
Richardson, Kimberly

Statements of Support for Survivors of CTC abuse

Click here to add your name to this statement of support for Survivors of CTC Abuse.

Endorsements by Allies

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Dempsey, Kathleen
Abramson, Michael
Former CTC employee
Adams, Lee H.
Adams, Liz Duffy
Former CTC Commissionee, Playwright
Adams, Nicholas
Adcock-Starr, Leah
Director, Educator
Alden, Denise
Aldis, Diane
Educator, Artist
Allen, Bonni
Allen, Kenzi
Allen, Mary
Allen, Stacey Howat
Former CTC Student
Altenberg, Sulia
Anderson, Elena
Anderson, Jamila
Armstrong, Laurel
Artist, parent
Arpin, Joel
Baehr, Libi
Former CTC Employee
Ballweber, Jason
Bardin, Christian
Former CTC Employee
Bartlett, Mary Lisbeth
Former CTC Intern, Actor
Beckstrom, Emily
Fan of CTC
Bedford, Aly
Bellefeuille, BK
Bennett, Kirby
Bernardo, Rick
Artist, Ethics Professor
Bianchi, Maria
Former CTC Employee
Bix, Kate
Blitzer, Mary
Bongiardina, Alessandra
Theatre Artist
Bourne, Sarah
Bowman, Ben
Director, Former CTC Student
Bremer-Roark, Marissa
Brock, John
Parent, former CTC student
Broerman, Inga
Former CTC Intern
Brown, Jason
Brown, Rebecca J
Bryan, K Jason
Former CTC Stage Manager
Burgett, Wendy
Burns, N. Jeanne
Supporter of the Arts Community
Butler, Sandra
Byrd, Sean
Professor, Former CTC Teaching Artist
Cacich, Jane
Retired educator, former season ticket holder, parent of CTC teaching artist
Cady, Annie
Calvin, Loran
former student, artist
Cameron, Tim
Campbell, Seth
Cao, Abigail
Caponi, Cheryl
Arts Administrator
Carter, William John
Chang, Kue
Channer, Lisa
Theatre Artist and Educator
Chavarria, Tor
Chenoweth, Claire
CTC Intern
Chies, Brianna
Former CTC Employee
Chomet, Sun Mee
Former CTC Actor/teaching artist
Cleary, Beth
Theatre Professor, Feminist, Ally
Cobb, Jackson
Artist, Survivor
Coleman, Shalee
Collyard, Maxwell
Cramer, Kelsey
Former CTC Student, Artist
Creigh, Wesley Fawcett
Crosby, Sarah
Cruikshank, Clark A.
Theatre Professional
Cuesta, Carlo
Former Parent & Former Colleague
Curley, Dennis
D'Alencar, Krystle
Damman, Joseph
Danielson, Steve
Davich, Teresa
Former CTC Employee
Dekker, Kyle B
DeMark, Sharon
Former CTC employee
Devin, Laini
Former CTC Intern and Actor
Di Palma, Susana M
Diers, Molly
Scenic Artist
Digirolamo, Evelyn
Theatre Artist/Teaching Artist
Donahue, Ariel
Dru, Zoa
Actor, Educator
Druffner, Molly Delaney
Dukich, Dan
Edenloff Hagen, Karen
CTC survivor and former student
Edes, Asher
Ellsworth, Beth Mikel
Eng, Denise
Engen, Darcey
Theater Professor and Artist
Eschedor, Mindy
Evans, Joe
Everett, Josephine
Costume & puppet designer
Farrington, Lynn
Fellner, Heidi
Finney, Jessica
Teaching Artist
Fiore, Sophia
Former CTC Student
Forsythe, Susan
Foy, Lolly
Franks, Zhauna
Freese, Yvonne
Frethem, Nicole Joy
Artist, Parent
Froebel, Boo
Producer & Programmer
Froebel, Kristen
Fulton, Lisa
Funk, Randall J.
Gardner, Lizzie
Theater Artist
Gaultney, Victor
Former CTC student
Gherardini, Lisa Marie
Giannetti, Elena
Theater Producer, Director, Former CTC Actor, Ally
Gladhill, Bethany
Former CTC Staff, CTC Parent
Goodlaxson, Debra
Former CTC student: 1973-1975
Goray, Jason
Parent of prospective student
Gordon, Kit
Artist & Audience member
Gorman-Baer, Liza
Graham, Richard
Grande, Carlyn
Young artist
Gray, Corrine
Teaching Artist
Green, Kelle
Green, Valerie
Former Apprentice at CTC, Performing Artist
Greivell, Meggie
Grodzik, Emily
Guidry, Julie
Gustafson, Bridget
Freelance Artist
Gyllen, Shelly Roberts
Artist/former CTC intern
Haddow, Samantha
Haigh, Angie
Halaas, Emily Gunyou
CTC Artist and Former Performing Apprentice
Hall, Patty
Teaching Artist & Education Staff
Hambro, Marshall
Hammond, Siri
Hardy, Janis
Harriday, Signe
Former CTC employee, Artist
Harrison, Jonah
CTC Artist
Hart, Natalie
Hart, Thomas and Madeline
Brother and Sister in solidarity
Hartman, Katie
Hauge, Rose
Helmerick, Mallory
Helper, Leeza
Henderson, Grant
Hendrickson, Steve
Hendrix, Robyn
Henry, Janay D.
Hensley, Michelle
Former Artistic Director, TTT
Heyer, Jean
Former CTC employee
Heyl, Edward
Former CTC employee
Heystek, Nonie
Former CTC Student/Actor
Hill, Nickie Kromminga
Hokland, AJ
Holcomb, Jo
Holm, Charlene
Production Assistant/ASM
Holmes, Casey Marie
CTC Employee
Hovell, Ashley
Howell, Andre
Former parent of student actors
Howell, Andrea
Parent of former student actors
Howell, Ryan
Former CTC Artist
Hwang, Christine
Former CTC Actor
Jabour, Maralyn Dossey
Actress (and orchestra member) in productions during the late 1960' s and early 1970's
Jacobson, Shelley
Audience Member
James, Joseph St.
Former CTC employed Artist
Jensen, Atlee
Jeraj, Alia
Johnson, Anna
Johnson, Dallas
Performing and Teaching Musician
Johnson, Kristi
Former CTC Teaching Artist
Johnson, Ralph M.
Jones, Anton
Theater Artist
Josephine, Lauren
Juul, Suzie
Karl, Jaime (Adler)
Former Guthrie employee
Karstad, Rebecca
Costume technician
Hopefully future season-ticket patron
Kaufmann, Katie
Artist, Parent
Kawachi, Daisuke
Keane, Marta
Former CTC Student/Survivor, Former CTC Employee
Kelling, Anita
Theatre Artist
Kinnard, Melissa
Former student and child actor
Kinney, Michelle
Cellist, Composer
Kittel, Michael
Lighting Designer
Kjeer, Maggie
Klemp, Jenni
Friend of CTC survivor
Knigge, Allison
Educator and former CTC student
Knox, Wendy
Former CTC Teaching Artist
Knutson, Katie
Past CTC Teaching Artist
Koenig, Zoë
Kohl, Kathy
Kokhleffel, Chava
Former CTC teaching artist
Kramer, Katie
Krefting, Michael
Kreidler, Meghan
Kreilkamp, Ben
Company actor from the 70's
Kreitzer, Carson
Kreuger, Robb
Krywosz, Ben
Kurtz, Julie
Former CTC Student
Labovitz, Jennifer
Lai, Jin-Ming
Lang, Thomas C
Composer, Musician
Larson, Eric
Laureano, Kiko
CTC Teaching Artist
Lawler, Amy
Former Student Actor
Layne, Ben
Lee, Lars
Levin, Margaret
Levin, Michael Paul
Former CTC Student, Actor
Liestman, Joel
Lombardo, Jonathan
Longhi, Kym
Love, Suzi
Lyons, Teresa
Former CTC Intern and Teaching Artist
Maguire, Kim
Former student and teaching artist
Makela, J
Malkis, Elka
Maren, Jen
Former CTC Actor, Actor
Mariner, Vera
Former CTC artist
Martin, Leslie
Mathews, Patty
Mayer, Megan
Artist, Choreographer, Ally
Mayson, Eric
McCormick, Andy
McCreary, Margo
McLeod, Kelly
Former CTC Teaching Assistant and Performance Manager
Members, Anonymous IATSE
Messerole, Suzy
Former CTC Teaching Artist
Metz, Alli Manville
Former CTC Intern
Miller, Hannah Kotze
Former student ca.2000
Miller, Mary Frances
Former CTC Student
Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA)
Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women MCBW
Mock, Teresa
Mojsilov, Ilene K
Teaching Artist
Morris, Bonnie
Moua, Sandy'Ci
Former CTC Student, Actor/Producer
Moulder, Tinia
Theater Artist, CTC parent
Musto, Gina
Nargang, Sarah
Former Teaching Artist
Nathe, Kelly
Nelson, Isabel
O’Fallon, David
Retired president, Humanities Center; MacPhail Center for Music; Perpich Center. My statement is my own—I mention organizations because leaders are responsible.
Obolensky, Kira
Olesen, Nanci
Teacher, artist
Olson, Rachel
Former CTC Employee
Ostlund, Akiko
Ottmar, Gail
Pablo, Pedro
Performance and Teaching Artist
Palmer, Caroline
Park, Warren
Founder & Former ED of the West Bank School of Music
Pearson, Krista
Penn-Tracey, Jina
CTC Survivor
Perez, Michael
Former CTC Employee
Pestich, Natasha
Artist, Educator, Parent
Peterson, Gary
Arts Administrator
Peterson, Jeffrey
Peterson, Jessica K.
Phelps, Adelin
Phillips, Jennifer
Pinkerton, Dan
Plaster (Fraley), Mary K.
Former CTC Intern, Artist
Pluhar, Elisa
Former CTC Child Actor
Polzine, Maret
Porter, Bryan
Pringle, Elizabeth
theatre artist
Purcell, Bruce
Pyan, Victoria
Rachleff, Peter
Educator in solidarity
Rada, Tess
Artist, CTC Front of House Supervisor
Reese, George
Reynolds, Paige
Former CTC staff & Howard Fellow/Teaching Artist
Rhone, Patrick
CTC Parent, Writer
Rice, Lauren
Richards, Liz
Richardson, Mary
Artist, community member
Richardson, Sara
Rickey, Nora
Rooney, Dan
Theatre Artist
Roper, Mawrgyn
Artist & Employee of CTC with Audience Services
Ross, Kathryn
Rousse, Sally
Artist, Ally
Russell, Kai
Artist, IATSE member
Russell, Odin
Saign, Chandra
Former CTC Teaching Artist
Salloway, Amy
Sansone, Hal
Current CTC teaching assistant
Saxe, Matthew
Artist & Parent
Saxhaug, Deborah
Schaub, Kelly
Former CTC Staff, Artist
Schmitz-Boyd, Jesse
Schock, Bonnie
Schuette, Kara
Schumacher, Hannah
Former CTC ASM Intern
Schumacher, Jamie
Sciple, Matt
Theatre Artist, Teacher
Sedlachek, Buffy
Theatre Artist
Signorelli, Maria
Sjoquist, Kerstin
Former CTC Student, Intern & Actor
Skeesick, Mary Ellen
Former CTC Student & Intern & Actress
Slinkard, Jefferson
Former CTC Actor
Smith, Jessica
Former CTC Student
Smith, William
Smitley, Patrick
Former CTC stage manager
Sommer, Anna
Former CTC employee
Sondrol, Katie
Former CTC employee
Sontag, Emily
Soo, Clay Man
CTC Teaching Artist
Spooner, Justin
Former CTC Teaching Artist
Spring, Crystal
Theatre Educator
Stafne, Alyssa
former CTC employee
Stanton, Jill
Parent, Artist
Stearns, Laura
Former student, survivor
Stelten, Lizzie
Ally & Fellow Survivor
Sumangil, Eric “Pogi”
Sutter, Bart
Playwright and poet
Sutter, Ross
Swanson, Celia
Swoboda, Nikki
Taylor, Devin
Thom, Daved
Former CTC student, intern, actor
Thompson, Stephanie
Thorson, Elizabeth
Thorson, Shane
Former CTC Employee
Thurston, Susan
Former CTC Student & Actor & Stage Tech
Tinsley, Jim
Former CTC employee
Tobar, Alejandra
Former teaching artist and consultant
Topham, Laura
Troiano, Danielle
Troth, Andrew S.
Turner, Jeff
Professor of Theatre Arts - Hamline University
Uhrich, Cynthia
Acting Teacher, Artist
Van Heel, Jean Orbison
Teaching artist, MD/pianist
Van Wieren, Laurie
Dance Artist
Van y, Allison (Ally Rae)
Former CTC Performer and Stage Management Intern
Venhuizen, Julie MacIver
Former CTC performing apprentice/educator
Virkus, Ruth
Virtucio, Laura Selle
Waldoch, Nancy
Walker, Jennifer
Ward, Kevin
Ward, Maren
Warmboe, Abbee
Washington, Duck
Theater Artist
Wasserman, David
Watson, Amanda
Weaver, Julie Barnes
Webster, Eric
Weiland, Lisa
Community member, actor, parent
Weiss, Emily
Artist, Ally
Werz, Sarah
Westberg, Susan
White, Nathan
Whitman, Jennifer
Wiener, Joe
Theater Artist
Wilde, Diana
Willer, Katie
Wirth-Petrik, Brittney
Wojtanowicz, Max
Woller, Rebecca
Public Supporter
Wood, Melissa Briggs
Yamazaki, Maxine
Yoakam, Stephen
Zaffarano, Erica
Zimmerman, Jill
Co-owner, St. Croix Off Broadway Dinner Theatre
Zipes, Jack
Bridges Program Founder
Zubert, Lauren
Zwack, Caroline